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Goods transport Cluj, Cheapest goods transport services in Cluj, furniture transport and firms moving, anywhere, anytime, with utility car 3.5t from 35 Ron. Tel: 0752-816.138, 0742-980.519 and 0725.969.796

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Goods Transport Cluj and Furniture Moving Cluj are the most common services that our company offers on Cluj market and  not  only. Even if you need transportation services such as furniture transport Cluj, furniture moving our company comes in your help. The cheapest services for goods transport and international goods transport, furniture transport in Cluj, furniture and moving, anywhere, anytime, with vans of 3.5 t from 35 Ron *. Tel: 0752-816.138, 0742-980.519 and 0725.969.796

Our company offers the cheapest freight transport services in Cluj-Napoca and furniture transport in Cluj for the goods that you need to carry, at the lowest prices on the market. Furniture, appliances, cardboard boxes are just a few examples of what we transport for our clients. Even if you have to transport home objects, or goods for your company, do not hesitate to contact us.

Goods transport service Cluj at cheap prices with professional staff is our priority!

Goods transport Cluj-Napoca in a market affected by crisis is indeed a challenge. We guarantee a quality-price ratio hard to beat. We offer you the lowest price for freight, starting from 35 RON. Goods transport in the country starts from 1 RON / KM. The rate is calculated on a round trip distance. In our vans of 3.5 tons we can transport luggage, boxes or pallets. Cluj-Napoca Furniture Transport services are taking place in the best conditions. No need to worry about transport safety.

Furniture Transport Cluj-Napoca

 Furniture Transport Cluj-Napoca is for us a transport service that we take very seriously. We have the opportunity to show our true quality to our clients. We do not want to be market leaders, we want to have satisfied clients who recommend us. Equipped with 3.5 tons vans, we are just seconds away from you.  Furniture transport service in Cluj-Napoca is a full service, provided by a young and experienced team. Our team will help if needed with other different services:

– Estimated costs and transport measurements for furniture

– Handling furniture

– Aerated Foil wrapping services

– Wrapping foil services

– Custom packaging in cartons services

– Securing furniture with straps for transport safety

goods transport clujFurniture Transport Cluj-Napoca  and Furniture Movement Cluj addresses to both individuals and companies. Call us for an appointment now! The price starts from 1 RON / KM in Cluj-Napoca. The priority is to have a satisfied customer. This is what we do for about 5 years on the transport services market . Always close to the customer! This is the motto that we counton! Our customers didn’t complain about our services.

Professional services for moving companies Cluj-Napoca

Heavy furniture to carry? Too many objects? Relax! Our team will not disappoint! Full-service of wrapping, packing and loading and unloading, are now available at the lowest price for you. If your furniture needs disassembly and then assembly, no problem! We have specialists who will ensure that everything goes without endangering your furniture. Shortly, we help you move! Whether you need Firms Moving Cluj-Napoca, furniture moving Cluj or Transportation and Relocation in Cluj-Napoca, do not hesitate to contact us! Call now! You won t regret! The lowest price you can find! You are just one click away!

Transport services – Furniture Transport Services in Cluj-Napoca for all budgets! Communication is very important to us. Goods transport service  Cluj and furniture moving services Cluj can be completed using 3.5 tons vans . There are situations in which the furniture from an apartment exceeds a volume of 15 m3. In these cases, we will provide trucks of 7.5 tons. Your stress is over! Browse offers, but you will not find cheaper! No need to search dozens of sites! Why are we the first? Price, quality, safety and speed!

* Price includes the transport of products within approximately 3.5 km from our headquarters which is located in Cluj-Napoca, str. Aurel Vlaicu No.2